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BLACK AND WHITE Wedding Photography Lightroom Presets by Faye Wilde Photography

BLACK AND WHITE Wedding Photography Lightroom Presets by Faye Wilde Photography

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Elevate your wedding photography with my go-to black-and-white Lightroom presets for editorial and luxury weddings. These presets, available for both Lightroom Classic (LRC) and Lightroom (LR), are designed to enhance your imagery with stunning, professional-grade edits.

What’s included:

Old Hollywood (BW): This is your go-to black and white preset for chic and tender moments.

Pearl (BW): Capture a nostalgic, analogue black-and-white look. 


For my best selling every day presets including colour presets, head here

Why choose Faye Wilde Presets?

Professional Quality: Developed over my extensive career and proven to deliver high-quality results.

Versatile: Suitable for various lighting situations, including soft, ambient, backlight and flash.

Usage tips:

For optimal results, a solid understanding of your camera, lighting, and consistent editing practices are recommended.

You may need to tweak the white balance settings (temperature/tint). ‘As shot’ settings are recommended.

Note: Presets cannot fix poor-quality images.


Compatible with Lightroom Classic (LRC) and Lightroom (LR) for on-the-go editing. 

Important information:

Downloads are limited to one per person and must not be re-shared or resold.

All sales are final; no refunds are provided.


Community and support:

Share your edited imagery by tagging #fayewildepresets so I can see your beautiful work.

Watch how I edit using these presets here.


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