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Canva Newsletter Template for Wedding Photographers

Canva Newsletter Template for Wedding Photographers

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Impress your couples and upsell your other services to elevate their experience even further.

I send out annual newsletters to my couples to keep them updated with all things Faye Wilde and present add ons for them to consider. 

I have been keen to create an easy to adapt template to help you, too!

Each page has an exemplar (what I would write) and a follow up template page with prompts to help you write something in your own tone of voice, that's still effectively marketing what you're offering and encouraging clients to purchase.

This is not empty selling, it's presenting your recent work and encouraging your couples to consider what other services you can provide to improve their client experience even more - that they may have not otherwise considered. 


Why This Guide is Essential

Professional Design: Developed with a professional copywriter, this guide elevates your branding and enhances your client communications.

Aesthetic and On-Brand: Each page is designed to be visually stunning and fully customisable to reflect your unique style and brand identity.

Functionality: Easy to access and navigate, this guide immediately solves your clients' questions and concerns.

Contents Include:

How to Use: Clear instructions on customising and utilising the template.

Introduction: Welcome your clients with a compelling introduction.

Recent work: Show some of your favourite frames and more of the work you want to create. Encourage excitement with your couples about the work you could create together. 

Update: Share your busy schedule to create a sense of exclusivity and urgency. This helps your couples feel valued for choosing you and encourages appreciation for your services. Communicate how you have been 

Add ons - 35mm film

Add ons - Second shooters

Add ons - Engagement shoots

Easy Sharing:

Create a Canva account to use the template.

Embed a link into your emails for seamless sharing with prospective clients.

Terms and Conditions

All sales are final; no refunds.

Images are copyrighted and should not be used to market your own business. Please use the templates to share your own work.

Redistribution or sale of the templates is strictly prohibited.

Newsletters are a positive touchpoint in the client journey. This guide is designed to communicate your excellence, inspire confidence, and excite your couples, as well as encourage them to consider Add ons. 

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